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С тумблера тащим и тащим, тащим и тащим.

Но вот это я не могла стащить. Это точно должно быть, обязано тут быть!

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“The other thing what I really wanted to get to is, I wanted to see Aeryn thank him and knowing that she couldn’t say that..we’re just trying to get the smile, there. Basically the scene was for, was to get there. I think what we discovered later was..don’t push Aeryn that hard. That she doesn’t need to, she does it in her eyes she does it in other ways..But of course we were just starting the show and I was trying to figure how she could thank him without thanking him..and probably I pushed a little too far and also, it was a personal thing, that when Claudia smiles she just..destroys me and I just wanted to see it..”

Brian Hanson’s commentary of Exodus from Genesis, Farscape 1x02

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